Clinical Analytics
Generate insights into patient population management, risk profiles of patients, clinical research data, care gap, and clinical care pathways.
Financial Analytics
Create reports on real-time revenue forecasts, reimbursement trends, cost analysis, payer specific costing, and cash-flow analysis.
Business Intelligence
Analyze referral trends, physician utilization, turnaround time, logistical trends, payer trends, and procedure-level trends.
Operational Analytics
Analyze logistical and procedure-level trends, turnaround time, and resource utilization.
  • Reduce care gaps

    BizEye leverages real-time data to pinpoint the patients in need of care and gets alerts for at-risk patients, with actionable information.

  • Improve care delivery

    With the right patient and population level insights available, the healthcare organization can focus on improving care delivery and treatment outcomes through BizEye.

  • Improve scalability

    It provides resource utilization reports, logistical trends, and financial forecasts to take better data driven business decisions.

  • Ensure better task planning

    It provides reports on quality metrics, procedures, HEDIS scores, and specific compliances, thus ensuring hassle free day-to-day operation.