Fully customizable to suit the needs of individual specialties, workflows and organization branding.
Integrates with a broad range of health IT systems and natively uses FHIR to store patient data.
HIPAA compliant and supports an OTP over SMS based two-factor authentication mechanism.
Simple and Intuitive mobile/web user design that guarantees ease of use for patients & clinicians.
  • Reduce wait time

    A patient’s medical history is captured in a short time. So the patient wait time is considerably less.

  • Improve staff productivity

    Quicker virtual access to patient history makes it easy for doctors to prioritize & utilize time in more productive tasks.

  • Reduce chances of errors

    With an improved process, there is a lower risk of data inaccuracies and omissions due to human error.

  • Lower total cost of ownership

    Forward integrates with a hospital’s existing systems without any need to switch to new systems, thus lowering cost of ownership.