Access all patient records
Patients can access and share their digital medical records in a secure manner via any device - mobile, tablet, or desktop.
Patient specific dashboards
Patients can customize dashboards to view vital parameters they want to closely monitor.
Instant Messaging
Patients can contact physicians and care teams via instant messaging.
Compliance tools
Patients get auto reminders about medicines, vaccinations, and medical tests.
  • Wide access to health records

    Patients can access their and their dependent’s health records all at one place. They can also upload and share reports of tests done independently. They can see their medical history, prescribed medicines, and information on scheduled visits and tests.

  • Easy appointment booking

    Patients can easily book an appointment after evaluating details, availability, and specialty of a physician.

  • Continued communication

    Provides patients with a platform to engage with their care teams for medical needs and clarify any medical doubts.

  • Better outcomes

    Sends notifications and reminders using instant messaging app for medicines, tests, and visits. This ensures that the patient adheres to the prescribed treatment leading to better treatment outcomes.