Care Collaboration
Bookmark important or critical patients, share records with other physicians to seek expert or second opinions, and create virtual care teams.
Unified Clinical Records
Provides a unified view to labs results, radiology images, notes and prescriptions.
Embedded Analytics
Generates reports on patient-specific care gap analysis, risk identification, clinical care pathway, insurance, and medication compliance.
Patient Engagement
Share reports with patients, address their queries, and offer medical advice through instant messaging.
  • Improve productivity

    With less paperwork, comprehensive information is made available in a single view, and built in alerts and reminders, physician can now get more done every day.

  • Foster patient communication

    Physicians can talk with patients about medication or medical issues on an ongoing basis to provide advice even between visits.

  • Improve treatment outcomes

    With the help of embedded analytics, and ability to share reports for expert opinions, physicians can ensure patients receive the right treatment.

  • Encourage monitoring and follow-up

    Quick access to information makes physicians aware of the patients’ health in real-time and allow them to make necessary and timely course correction in care plans.